Xerox Files Legal Actions to Counter Supplies Thefts

Xerox Files Legal Actions to Counter Supplies Thefts

Xerox recently conducted investigations upon stolen supplies and equipment on the black market, and thereafter pursued legal liabilities of several individuals.

Among recent legal actions resulting from the OEM’s efforts, a Missouri woman is prosecuted at the federal level for stealing supplies from her office and shipping them to vendors in two other states. Thus terminated is a three-year supply theft ring, recovering more than one million dollars in stolen consumables.

Another prosecution came from the detection of metered supplies for sale in the open market in New Jersey. An employee of a rigging company contracted with Xerox allegedly sold more than US$60,000 in stolen property and has been accused of felony theft.

The third case sees the conviction of a Kentucky man who sold contracted supplies on a personal eBay account.

According to, Xerox monitors the ordering and distribution of supplies to help fight against stolen supplies leaking into the black market. The OEM undertakes close surveillance through supply chain security controls, audits of ordering and consumption, web and marketplace monitoring and fraud mitigation programs.

Proper policies and procedures to help businesses secure and protect Xerox supplies are suggested as below:

  • Secure supplies by locking them in a cabinet or storage area.
  • Avoid over-ordering and storing excessive stock on site.
  • Return unused supplies at the end of the contract or during equipment upgrading period.
  • Make sure employees are aware of their responsibilities and risk of stealing.



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