Unveiling Excellence: Zhono Demonstrates Chips for Ricoh Copiers

Unveiling Excellence: Zhono Demonstrates Chips for Ricoh Copiers

In February 2024, Zhono launched a patented compatible chip solution for Ricoh copiers. This original solutions has previously been recognized and certified by a Japanese third-party organization.

This chip solution features several main features, including a C-shaped contact and a guided chip holder. The C-shaped elastic contact design ensures a stable connection between the chip and the internal contacts on the copier while reducing the probability of damaging the internal contacts on both sides of the printer during connection. On the other hand, the guided design of a black holder ensures the smooth insertion of the toner cartridge into the printer.

For toner cartridge factories, it is important to ensure the fast and convenient installation of cartridges on production lines. It takes only one second, on average, to install the chip into the cartridge. The click sound indicates the successful installation of the chip.

In a recent video, Zhono conducted a comparison test to compare the installation performance between the new product and OEM chip. The experiment demonstrates that Zhono’s patented chip connects with the internal contact more tightly, guaranteeing effortless installation and consistent performance in later use. Zhono is proud to announce the exceeding excellence of its new products than the original chip.

For more patented products and solutions offered by Zhono, please directly contact info@zhono.com.



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