Subsidiary Goes Public

Zhuhai Print-Rite New Materials Co., Ltd., the ink manufacturing subsidiary of Print-Rite, has been listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations of China(NEEQ).

According to Print-Rite, Zhuhai Print-Rite New Materials Co., Ltd. was set up by a small team of ink-jet researchers and developers in 1995. After two decades of evolution, the company has transformed from an office supplier to a leading manufacturer in the ink-jet technology industry.

The company has changed from an independently running organization into a company with multiple strategic cooperation. Amidst its expansion, the company is also an industry front-runner, creating a variety of products and patented technologies.

Going public on the NEEQ signifies that Zhuhai Print-Rite New Materials Co., Ltd. has entered a new phase of development. It also indicates the company’s initiatives of scientific management and orientation of brand appreciation. The company’s achievement in corporate development is acknowledged as well.

Regarding future outlook, the company says it will remain committed to undertaking further strategic cooperation, grasping opportunities for industry integration, expanding target markets and introducing more new brands.

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