Over 1,000 Continuous-Feed Inkjet Printers Installed

Canon has announced that the global installation of its continuous-feed inkjet printers has currently reached over 1,000.

According to Printweek, Canon began producing and supplying the technology of continuous-feed inkjet printers in 2008.

Christian Unterberger, Executive Vice President of Commercial Printing at Canon, stated during the annual Commercial Printing Business Day in Munich, “We are delighted to have now installed 1,000 continuous-feed inkjet units worldwide so far. This is the sixth year in a row we are the number one in continuous-feed printing globally. What we really want to achieve is to show we can unfold communication power in terms of print.”

Crit Driessen, Vice President of Strategy and Alliances in Canon, said, “We have the most continuous-feed production inkjet units installed compared to the competition and are twice the size of the nearest competitor.”

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