RT Group Helps Solve Poverty rtmworld

RT Group Helps Solve Poverty

RT Group Helps Solve Poverty

RT Group Helps Solve Poverty rtmworld

RT Group’s founding chairman, Tony Lee meets with officials directing the poverty alleviation strategy in the village

Since 2017, the RT Group has been helping the people in Yaduo village (transliteration in local language means “village on the cliff”) as a part of the Zhuhai Nujiang “100 Enterprises Help 100 Villages” initiative.

It’s part of a national strategy in China to target poverty alleviation in communities that have not been able to prosper as have millions of other Chinese people living in cities over the last three decades.

According to a report from the Yunnan Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, all 277 families in Yaduo village have been lifted out of poverty and their annual per capita income rose to more than CN¥7,000 (US$1,200).

RT Group Helps Solve Poverty rtmworld

Yaduo village literally means “village on the cliff”

Back in 2015, almost 70% of families in Yaduo village were registered as poor, accounting for 1063 people in total. “We are very glad to see all these families have been lifted out of poverty thanks to the assistance of RT Group,” said Qian Yihua, a Nujiang Justice Bureau official charged with the responsibility of village poverty alleviation. “In 2016, 22 families were lifted out of poverty. In 2017, an additional 158 families were supported, with a further 38 in 2018, and 59 in 2019,” Qian added.

The growing, picking and packaging of tsaoko and tea are the two main industries that have helped the villagers. “The most sustainable way to help Yaduo village is to establish and maintain viable businesses. In 2017, we funded their cooperatives by investing in tea factories, motivating their inner desires to develop a long-term thriving industry. The results reveal this investment has been very effective,” said Tony Lee, Chairman of the RT Group.

RT Group staff donate critically needed PPE supplies in Zhuhai

As RemaxWorld Expo and summit organizer, the RT Group considers social responsibility as an important part of its mantra.

The RT Group has donated money or supplies to charity programs such as a water cellar for mothers and the 2018 Wenchuan Earthquake Rescue and Relief campaign.

In February 2020, the RT Group also donated 2,000 superior quality protective supplies worth of ¥600,000 RMB (US$85,480) to the neediest hospitals in Zhuhai, China during the COVID-19 crisis.

Executive vice president of Xiangzhou district Red Cross, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiangzhou District Health and Health Bureau of Zhuhai, president of Zhuhai Xiangzhou District People’s Hospital, and other government officials received the donation and thanked RT Group for its support to the fight the virus in Zhuhai.



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