Ricoh’s New Devices Help Protect Information

Ricoh’s New Devices Help Protect Information

Ricoh Introduces New A3 Color MFPRicoh USA, Inc. has released a series of black-and-white printers aiming to help protect confidential information for many healthcare facilities.

As disclosed, the new printers include the RICOH MP 501SPFTL/SP 4510SFTE multifunction printers (MFPs) and RICOH SP 4510DNTE/SP 5300DNTL printer. Ricoh equipped those devices with higher security firmware for the healthcare facilities, adding a locked print tray to each printer. Moreover, the print trays in RICOH MP 501SPFTL and RICOH SP 5300DNTL are also Teflon-enhanced. This feature allow users to print information on other media such as wristbands and labels.

In addition, Ricoh added a 10.1″-wide Smart Operation Panel and the RICOH Smart Device Connector to the devices, making it easier for the users to operate.

Ricoh UK to Deliver Devices in Wales

Ron Nielson, Vice President for Healthcare at Ricoh USA, Inc., commented, “At Ricoh, we are committed to delivering customized solutions to vertical markets, and healthcare is certainly among the most complex, most regulated markets we support.” He said “We realize that this industry must adhere to stringent security, patient experience and budgetary requirements and our solutions aim to directly address them. With this device series, we built the flexibility, speed and security right into the device, helping healthcare organizations do more with fewer steps.”

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