HP Sends Cease-and-Desist Letters

According to Actionable Intelligence, HP Inc. has sent, or is in the process of sending, cease-and-desist letters to German-based ink cartridge remanufacturers.
It is not clear how many inkjet cartridge remanufacturers in Germany are affected and whether there are others in other parts of Europe who have also received letters from HP.
Following a number of calls to European industry leaders there appears to be some confusion about the extent of the story. Some have admitted they have heard it. Others are saying they know nothing about it but all agree they do not know anyone that has been impacted.
The report alleges HP is warning remanufacturers of certain HP inkjet cartridges that the OEM will assert its patent rights against any infringements and any found wanting will face a lawsuit and expected to pay monetary compensation for the infringement.
To date, HP has not made any announcement about the matter.

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