Printing Consumables Makers in China Should Focus on Their Domestic Market

The 2013 annual meeting of the Zhuhai Printing Consumable Industry Association (ZHPCIA) was held in Shenzhen, China, from September 13 to 14. More than 80 delegates attended to discuss the challenges and opportunities characterizing China’s current printing consumables industry.

The meeting was hosted by Xiping Zhang, Chairman of ZHPCIA. The Keynote Speakers were Huijun Zhang, Secretary-General of the Professional Consumable Committee of the China Computer Industry Association (CCIA); Dr. Tao Zhang, Secretary-General of ZHPCIA; Helen Duan, General Manager of INNOPAT Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.; and Lisa Liang, of the Recycling Times Media Corporation.

Both Huijun Zhang and Dr. Tao Zhang introduced the current status of China’s printing consumables industry. Helen Duan proposed several solutions to consumable manufacturers in China on how to deal with the General Exclusion Order issued in favor of Canon’s OPC drum gear couplers. And Lisa Liang analyzed the status of the worldwide printing industry in 2013.

“The high profit era for printing consumables has gone” said Xiping Zhang, “we are now moving into a tough phase. But we should be confident that there are still opportunities as our government offers great support. In addition to the overseas market, consumable manufacturers in China should keep their eyes on our domestic market. I think there is a huge demand for consumables in China. It is necessary for us to supply famous China-made consumables, which are environmentally friendly and of good quality. Moreover, we could provide more China-made printers throughout the world. The more printers we place, the more consumables we will sell.”

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