Konica Minolta Aims to Be Number 1 in Customer Service

Konica Minolta Middle East FZE is planning to launch attractive product upgrades and features of its top-selling MFP & PP range; its continuous drive for enhancing customer experience complements the overall offering of the brand. Konica Minolta continues to lead in the MFP segment across most Middle East markets.

Mr. Nayyar Ansari, Marketing Manager Production Printing Products at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East FZE said, “We are always looking to present top standards when it comes to customer experience. Our Demo Champion Contest is a part of many of our internal exercises that encourages team members to showcase innovative skills in delivering consistent and high standards of product demonstration. The Objective of Demonstration Contest is to keep building the Confidence and address Customer’s Needs in the most Professional Way.”

Mr. Abdullah Hamayoon, Marketing Manager Office Printing Products at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East FZE said, “We are a customer-centered company, our growth is built on the philosophy of actively responding to customer needs. Konica Minolta’s world-class sales & product workshop for its regional distributors in Dubai brought the experienced sales force up to speed with the best practices in customer satisfaction. The intensive three day workshop was packed with modules to give detailed insight into advanced steps towards achieving continuous and high levels of customer satisfaction through the implementation of more efficient and modern techniques.

Konica Minolta is leading the development of the industry by setting high standards of after-sales service and on-going customer service. In keeping with its corporate management philosophy, “The Creation of New Value,” Konica Minolta Middle East FZE has been implementing internal coaching programs to strengthen its customer service credentials. With one of the largest market share of the MFP segment in the Middle East.

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