Samsung to Assemble Printers in Africa

Samsung to Assemble Printers in Africa

Samsung to Assemble Printers in Africa

Korean printer vendor Samsung has set up the first printer assembly plant in Ethiopia, Africa.

According to 2merkato, Samsung Electronics East Africa and Tana Communication PLC has inaugurated the new facility. With the capacity of assembling 70 printers per day, the plant will assemble the first printer models of ML-2160, SCX- 3405W, ML5015ND and SL-M3820D.

Samung will bring printer assembly engineers from Korea to equip local talent with necessary skills for running the assembly.

Sium Adugna, Tana’s CEO, said, “In addition to creating job opportunities, the plant will facilitate Ethiopia’s efforts in transfer of knowledge and technology. Furthermore, it will minimize the production cost of printers which in turn will make Samsung printers competitive in Ethiopia.”

Robert Nigeru, Iso Samsung Vice President, commented, “The opening of the plant is a sign for Samsung’s commitment to build Africa’s information and communication technologies capacity.”

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