Photizo Finds Printer Market Remains Flat; MPS Market Continues to Grow

Photizo recently analyzed the worldwide printer and MPS market, and found that the printer market is facing slow growth of its installed base. The company believes an increase in managed print services (MPS)—which resulted in replacing some hard copy output with electronic documents—is one of the factors causing the printer market to slow down. Another factor is the growing use of mobile devices which also replace hard copy with electronic documents.

According to Photizo’s Supplies Advisory Service (SAS) forecast, total worldwide cartridge revenue will “remain flat through the forecast period   (2013 to 2017) at about $25 billion.” The company noted that global shipments of toner cartridges will reach 520 million units in 2016, but Photizo predicts it will decrease to 517 million in 2017.

As was reported by Photizo’s 2013 MPS Forecast, the global MPS market “has been expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2 percent since 2009.” The company predicted the MPS market will continue to increase at a CAGR of 9.1% through 2017 and hold nearly 39% of the office printing market by the same year.

Further, Photizo said the printer market is likely to embrace “some significant changes”, while the MPS market will keep booming in the years to come. The company added North America—which is the most mature MPS market—will continue to grow and the European market—where channel providers remain cautious about the future for MPS—will also sustain its promising performance.

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