Print-Rite Passes Chinese Government’s Strict Examination factory rtmworld

Print-Rite Passes Chinese Government’s Strict Examination

Print-Rite Passes Chinese Government’s Strict Examination

Print-Rite passes government’s strict examination rtmworld

The world has watched on as the Chinese government has completely shut down the country to combat the deadly coronavirus known as COVID-19. One observer has likened it to the rebooting of a computer or smartphone. “While your device is starting afresh you cannot use it. You simply have to wait.”

Apart from the stay-at-home and work-from-home requirements, the government has also established a strict process and examimination before it allows businesses and factories back to work.

The Print-Rite Facebook page reveals the company passed the government’s strict examination process back on February 10, 2020.  “In terms of maintaining health production balance, the government urges that the reopening of production plants must be implemented prudently in a phased manner to ensure sufficient anti-epidemic measures are in place.”

Print-Rite Passes Chinese Government’s Strict Examination Arnald Ho rtmworldFounding CEO Arnald Ho (pictured) told RT Media, “The government is being tough about allowing businesses back to work, but we were among the first companies to meet the high standards. We fully support the government’s strict requirements so that our company, the country and our customers can get on with business.”

According to Ho, a number of companies, including Print-Rite have already passed the government’s strict examination, which includes working and living environment checks and a staff health status register. “Once these requirements are met you can be granted approval to resume production.”

RT Media – based in Zhuhai, the world capital of printing supplies – has been providing regular updates over the COVID-19 crisis. A list of the 55 companies that have started back to work was published on February 20.

Details and photos have also been posted to keep buyers up-to-date.

Are you a customer of Print-Rite’s? Does this story – Print-Rite Passes Chinese Government’s Strict Examination – help provide you with confidence that the supplies you need will continue to flow for your customers?

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