Suntech to Showcase its Newest Range of Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

Suntech to Showcase its Newest Range of Compatible HP Toner Cartridges

The upcoming RemaxWorld Expo in October promises to be a platform for new products and services, and Suntech is gearing up to present its recently launched toner cartridges designed for HP printers.

This established laser toner cartridge manufacturer will feature its CF237Y and CF289Y series of cartridges, promising they deliver OEM-equivalent quality combined with outstanding compatibility and high page yields.


Suntech proudly announces that its CF289 series can achieve an impressive 20,000 pages, matching OEM performance, thanks to its technological prowess.

To enhance the compatibility of these innovative cartridges, Suntech has made several technical improvements to the structures of its CF287X and CF289Y cartridges, including:

  1. Implementing a movable switch clamp on the laser port of the waste powder bin to enhance plastic compatibility, reducing the need for excess stock.
  2. Optimizing the protective cover with a split structure, reducing material usage and assembly time.
  3. Introducing a rotating bearing plate to streamline assembly.
  4. Adopting integrated conductive materials for the toner sensing plate to prevent loose contacts caused by multiple connections.
  5. Adding limit blocks to the connecting springs to prevent slippage during assembly.
  6. Incorporating a built-in connecting pin to prevent detachment during transportation.

To assist customers in expanding their businesses, Suntech not only offers support with its latest technologies and product quality, but promises a very supportive after-sale service, and account terms. The company backs this up with customized consulting services tailored to individual marketing and stocking needs.

A Suntech representative stated, “We are committed to exploring market demands in collaboration with our customers and developing new products with potential in local markets, ultimately helping our customers increase sales. It’s a win-win approach.”


With over a decade of development, Suntech has amassed extensive knowledge in the industry, supply chain management, and market analysis.

“We are more than just a supplier; we are advisors. Through our collaborations, we continuously provide insightful guidance on market trends and operational strategies to our customers,” emphasized the representative.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Suntech at RemaxWorld Expo 2023, where they will be situated at Booth No. 2530.


About Suntech:

Suntech is a seasoned manufacturer of laser toner cartridges with over 20 years of experience, unwaveringly committed to product quality since its inception. The company strictly adheres to ISO9001, ISO14001, and STMC standards, with all products bearing the CE marking and boasting multiple patent certifications. Currently, Suntech’s monthly capacity for core products, such as high-yield cartridges and customized cartridges for professional MPS demands, exceeds 200,000 units. Its distribution network spans across the global market.

Suntech strives to be a trusted manufacturing partner for its customers, offering exceptional customer service and unwavering support.

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