Megain to Display Compatible Printer Chip Solution at RemaxWorld Expo

Megain to Display Compatible Printer Chip Solution at RemaxWorld Expo

Megain has launched compatible printer chips—the MP289 and MP414 series—and will display them at this year’s RemaxWorld Expo (Booth Number: 4410), on October 12-14.

These chips are compatible with both recycled and new-build cartridges and are highly sought-after in various global markets, including Europe, America, Asia, and more.

Megain to Display Compatible Printer Chip Solution at RemaxWorld Expo

As a leading chip supplier for printing consumables, Megain claims the new solution provides stable performance and high feasibility, and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

According to Megain, the MP289 and MP414 compatible chips adopt advanced processing technology and low power consumption design. Coming up with built-in encryption and decryption algorithm module, the solution is expected to provide excellent computing performance and security protection, which meets the data processing requirements of the printer.

“In addition, the multi-size design makes this series of chips more flexible and provides users with a higher quality printing experience,” said the spokesperson of Megain.

In order to enhance its customer services, the company adopts a diversified operation strategy and develops diversified products to meet customers with different needs. In the meanwhile, the strategy also effectively disperse or reduce the company’s operating risks, and ensure healthy, stable and sustainable development.


About Megain

Established in 2010, Megain is mainly engaged in the R&D, design, and sales of compatible consumable chips. Megain’s ASIC and SOC design solutions are at the forefront of the chip technology, and many of them are leading technology in the industry. Megain has obtained a number of patents.

Megain has a professional R&D team, a systematic management system and advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Headquartered in Zhuhai, Megain has established R&D branches in Taiwan, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.

The company has authorized and applied for 204 pieces of intellectual property, among which the chip layout design and software copyright account for 22%.


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