Print-Rite Introduces Indelible Ink

Print-Rite Introduces Indelible Ink

Print-Rite Introduces Indelible InkPrint-Rite claims its specialized indelible ink will enable prints to retain its sharpness and withstand the test of time.

While ordinary ink may fade, leaving vital information vulnerable to manipulation and forgery, indelible ink is ideal for important financial documents, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, stocks, bonds, or other crucial records.

Indelible inks, also known as permanent inks, have emerged as a popular choice for printing supplies. They are designed to provide long-lasting prints that resist fading, water damage, and other forms of wear and tear. This makes them a valuable tool for printing applications where durability and longevity are essential.

“Our specially formulated indelible ink provides an unrivaled level of security. Even when wiped with ethyl alcohol, the prints remain crisp and legible, leaving no room for doubt or tampering. Bid farewell to concerns about fading, fuzziness, or illegibility. Our ink guarantees that your prints withstand the test of time, offering reliable protection against forgery and counterfeiting,” said the spokesperson of Print-Rite.

“At Print-Rite, we recognize the importance of meeting our customers’ demands. That’s why we have developed this ink formula to fulfill those needs, delivering outstanding performance in terms of durability and reliability. Through extensive testing, we have consistently demonstrated that our indelible ink is the ultimate solution for all your long-lasting and durable printing requirements,” the spokesperson added.

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About Print-Rite

Print-Rite is a reputable company that has been in the printing consumables industry for over 42 years. The company’s long-standing commitment to innovation and quality has resulted in a strong and trusted brand in the market. Print-Rite’s exceptional products and services have led to a loyal customer base that values its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s strong financial position and stable management team ensure that it will continue to provide reliable and innovative products and services in the future.



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