Print-Rite Introduces Fast Dot Matrix Printer

Print-Rite Introduces Fast Dot Matrix Printer

Print-Rite Introduces Fast Dot Matrix Printer

According to Print-Rite, the new release, namely PR-855, is a fast and high-quality 24-pin, 85-column dot matrix printer, which is designed for busy offices that require continuous paper or multi-part printing.

Print-Rite Introduces Fast Dot Matrix Printer

Print-Rite claims that the new release comes up with unparalleled performance and reliability.

With a mean time between failure of 12,000 operating hours and a solid and durable printhead made of titanium alloy, the PR-855 is said to be able to withstand up to 500 million strokes per wire. Its excellent performance and reliability make it the ideal choice for demanding office environments.

Print-Rite Introduces Fast Dot Matrix Printer

In addition to its outstanding performance, the PR-855 is also an economical choice. It has low power consumption, using just 0.1W in sleep mode and 1.6W during operation. This printer has been certified by specialized energy agencies for its excellent energy efficiency. The ribbon yield of 5.0 million characters is also an impressive feature that helps save money.

The PR-855 has a 128 KB input data buffer memory that allows it to achieve high printing speeds of up to 300 characters per second at 10 CPI and 450 characters per second at 15 CPI. It can produce up to one original and six copies, with the last copy being just as clear and sharp as the first.

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Previously, Print-Rite released a new compatible laser cartridge to replace Canon CRG-057/057H cartridges, which was claimed to provide improved printing quality at 50% less cost.



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