Print-Rite Releases New Compatible Toner Cartridge

Print-Rite Releases New Compatible Toner Cartridge

Print-Rite Releases New Compatible Toner CartridgeAccording to Print-Rite, the new compatible laser cartridge are to replace Canon CRG-057/057H cartridges, providing improved printing quality at 50% less of the cost.

Print-Rite claims that the new release comes up with an innovative twice-pack design, which allows the chip to be reused in a new cartridge resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition, Print-Rite claims that it is easy to change the chip with a clip, without using tools to upgrade the chip or replace the cartridge.

Print-Rite also claims that the new toner cartridge is able to provide stable quality and excellent fusing performance.

Previously, Print-Rite promotes its cost-effective copier cartridge solutions, which were claimed to be designed with advanced technology and materials.

About Print-Rite

Print-Rite is a reputable company that has been in the printing consumables industry for over 42 years. The company’s long-standing commitment to innovation and quality has resulted in a strong and trusted brand in the market. Print-Rite’s exceptional products and services have led to a loyal customer base that values its commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s strong financial position and stable management team ensure that it will continue to provide reliable and innovative products and services in the future.



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