Polytoner Successfully Protects its Trademark in the UAE

Polytoner Successfully Protects its Trademark in the UAE

Polytoner Successfully Protects its Trademark in the UAE

Ploytoner Protected its Trademark in UAEZhuhai Polytoner Image Co., Ltd (Polytoner) has won a legal dispute regarding its trademark in the United Arab Emirates.

RT Media was told the dispute over trademark usage was with Diamond Office Equipment L.L.C (Rafeek Jamaleddin).

Polytoner said its “GREEN COMBO branded toner cartridges have been a hot product in the Middle East and Northern Africa regions,” which include the UAE, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.

Ploytoner Protected its Trademark in UAE

In 2017, Polytoner found that Diamond Office Equipment L.L.C (Rafeek Jamaleddin) was selling products using a GREEN COMBO label and identical packaging design, without authorization.

In 2018, Polytoner filed a lawsuit in the UAE courts, seeking to protect its trademark and brand.

The UAE court issued two judgements in November 2020 and March 2021 respectively, in favor of Polytoner. In June 2021, the court filed a final judgement in favor of Polytoner again.

Ploytoner Protected its Trademark in UAE

Polytoner claimed it has authorized Polytoner Middle East Ink & Printing Materials Trading LLC to sell its GREEN COMBO branded toner cartridges.

In the meantime, Polytoner has issued a warning that it will take legal action against any domestic supplier if they continue to produce, supply or sell unofficial GREEN COMBO branded toner cartridges to Diamond Office Equipment or any other outlet.

“Polytoner respects intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals during R&D, manufacturing and sales processes. And hope others will do the same. We will take legal actions to protect our intellectual property rights when necessary,” said a spokesman of Polytoner.

About Polytoner

Founded in 2004, Zhuhai Polytoner Image Co., Ltd is a quality-focused manufacturer of laserjet cartridges in China. With 20 years of laserjet R&D leader experience, Polytoner operates a manufacturing plant of more than 20,000 square meters with 50 experienced technicians and 500 well-trained workers. It has built a solid reputation as a reliable and innovative manufacturer, supplying major wholesalers and distributors in the world its high-quality products.



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2 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I think you wrongly translated from Arabic to English
    make sure of the news before you announce it
    Polytoner lost the case and the court issue an indemnity to the first defendant which is Diamond Office Equipment L.L.C

    • David Gibbons
      David Gibbons says:

      Thanks for your message, Simon.

      We have checked again with our legal contacts and with Polytoner and I have been advised the facts in our story are correct.

      If you have evidence of a different outcome, please supply that to me at david.gibbons@rtmworld.com so I can include this in the news story.


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