Top Four Trends Impacting the Global Office Stationery and Supply Market

Top Four Trends Impacting the Global Office Stationery and Supply Market

Top Four Trends Impacting the Global Office Stationery and Supply Market

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Technavio, a global technology research and advisory company, recently announced a latest report on the global office stationery and supply market provides an analysis of the key trends expected to impact the market through 2015-2019. Technavio defines an emerging trend as a factor that has the potential to significantly impact the market and contribute to its growth or decline.

The global office stationery and supply market is likely to exceed USD$2 billion by 2019 as the developed markets for office stationery and supply products are growing at a very high rate. These markets include the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, France, and Japan. Major growth is also expected from developing markets like China, Brazil, South Korea, and India.

According to Brijesh Kumar Choubey, senior analyst at Technavio for the general retail goods and services industry, “Although the demand for paper-based products is on the decline in developed markets due to industry automation and IT integration, growth prospects have increased for the printer and computer supplies manufacturers.”

The top three emerging trends in the global office stationery and supply market according to Technavio’s consumer and retail industry research analysts are:

-Multichannel marketing: Manufacturers and retailers are now using various channels to market their products through the online or offline medium. For instance, Staples, which is the largest office supplier with over 2,500 stores globally, has also become the second largest online retailer for office supplies with its online portal Various manufacturers are also using mobile-based applications and social media marketing to encourage customers to buy their products.
-Growing demand for computer/printer supplies: IT integration and industry automation has driven the market for this segment. The toner cartridges category has become the largest contributor in this market as their demand is rising, growing at a CAGR of more than 9% through 2019. The leading manufacturers in this segment include Brother, Canon, HP, and Seiko Epson, which sell their products through retailers like Staples, Office Depot, and Walmart.
-Business expansion through mergers and acquisitions: Leading players in the market desire mass market penetration which is achieved through M&As with their competitors to increase their market footprint. For instance, in 2013 Office Depot merged with Office Max.
-Packaging innovation and green products: Every industry across the globe is moving towards green projects to become more eco-friendly. The office stationery and supply industry is also doing the same. For instance, some of the recycled and green office supply products manufactured by 3M under the brand names Post-it and Scotch are Post-it Super Sticky Recycled Notes and Scotch Magic Greener Tape in Refillable Dispenser.

As revealed, the top vendors in the global office stationery and supply market are as below:
-Office Depot

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