Ofika: Subscription Printing, the New Revolution

Originally written and published at prnewswire.com

Ofika: How Subscription Printing is the New Revolution of Subscription Services

Ofika Subscription Print Services and Subscription Printing has been offering a Netflix-like experience when it comes to printing.

A subscription-based service occurs when consumers are billed for their time spent using specific products or services, allowing businesses to provide flexible, customizable services to meet diverse customer demands.

The trend has been impacting a whole range of businesses: Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime, are all key players in the Subscription Economy.

Ofika said their service made it simple to access fully automated desktop printing, allowing their users to monitor their network of printers and print volume.

According to Prnewswire.com, Ofika avoid the one-size-fits all model, offer a flexible service meeting the user’s specific requirements as each business is different, with diverse ever-changing needs.

This allows Ofika to focus on developing strong business relationships, tailoring and pricing their services appropriately and aligning their results to the user’s specific business objectives.

Desktop print resources concerns were resolved instantly, even if those requirements change, as Ofika provided flexibility business owners or IT Managers need to scale printing up or down, Prnewswire.com reported.

They also offer the use of hardware with every business subscription. Ofika services could help cut printing and overall operational costs, leaving more money to invest in other business areas.

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