Ricoh Unveils New Customer Service

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Ricoh USA recently unveiled a new center dedicated to providing hands-on services and experiences to their customers.

Ricoh Unveils New Customer Service

Ricoh USA unveiled their new NYC Customer Experience Center: a space for customers and Ricoh employees to communicate face-to-face and interact with technology.

According to Ricoh, the CEC is their “latest investment in enhanced customer experiences”, was “designed to help customers and dealers experience Ricoh’s most innovative offerings first-hand” and “features Ricoh’s broad portfolio, collaborative technologies and deep expertise”.

“We want it to be the physical avatar of our commitment to customer-centric, services-led business, enabling our customers and dealers to capitalize on our people, processes and technology,” Ricoh Americas senior vice president and Ricoh Canada CEO Glen Laverty said.

“We want clients who may not instinctively associate certain technologies with the Ricoh brand to experience them first-hand and to gain actionable insights that can help them uncover new ways to help improve their business with our help.

“We believe putting the customer at the center of it all is the best way to design and implement solutions and services, so we have invested heavily in making that happen,” he said

The building was created for Ricoh direct customers and customers of its Ricoh Family Group of dealers: Ricoh, Savin and Lanier, offering unique and customizable experiences.

In their press release, Ricoh mentioned the CEC would have many different rooms including a boardroom, huddle room and production print space for both customers and employees.  “Visitors can see and interact with each of these realistic enterprise environments and others, all of which experts can personally design to reflect potential or planned implementations,” Ricoh wrote.

Event Marketer presented the Ricoh the 2017 Experience Design & Technology Award for their CEC and announced the CEC as a recipient of the Gold Award as part the 2017 Experience Design & Technology Awards, celebrating the best-designed live experiences and the most powerful “wired” engagements delivered by brands and partners worldwide.

Ricoh wrote “the CEC is the latest in a long series of investments and big shifts in the enterprise services realm from Ricoh”.

The NYC CEC is one of five Ricoh customer service facilities, with others to be created or updated in Boulder, Colorado and internationally.

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