Focus on Serving Small Distributors

Focus on Serving Small Distributors

Focus on Serving Small Distributors

Focus on Serving Small DistributorsMany small distributors find minimum order quantities (MOQ), set by the suppliers, to be a barrier to sourcing quality products from reliable factories.

By stipulating a “minimum order quantity” those managing factories can often drive down their costs while increasing the quality at the same time. In the modern business world, factories are rarely totally independent, and often rely on other people or services in the supply chain. To this end, larger orders mean you have more influence and control over the factory. Smaller quantities, however, can hardly catch the attention because it is a hindrance to reducing costs as well as improving quality. This is especially true when sourcing products from China.

Kevin Shu (pictured), the founder of Aprint, noticed the gap between demand and supply coming from the smaller buyers and distributors not long after he stepped into the industry. He sensed, however, the importance of focusing on these small distributors who want to source from China.

Shu started his Aprint business in 2019. Prior to that, he worked for years in different big aftermarket manufacturers such as Ninestar, Pantum, Mito, Dinglong and SGT. These experiences helped him develop his advantages in understanding market demand and integrate the resources effectively and efficiently within the supply chain.

Orders from small distributors are usually a mixed bag. “They look for various print consumables products but each item is usually in very small quantities,” said Shu.

To better serve customers, Shu removed the minimum order quantity. “We don’t filter customers by quantity. We welcome all customers equally and serve them to our capacity,” he said. “Consequently, our service has won us many loyal customers. They always turn to us for help no matter what and they appreciate our service,” Shu added.

According to Shu, Aprint now provides a one-stop solution for small distributors, meeting various demands for quality and cost-effective products and services. The company is also able to provide other bespoke products, including packaging and logos.

Shu claims that Aprint is now serving customers from more than 30 countries and experiencing 50% growth year on year.  Find more information at or contact:

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