OEMs Claim to Increase Price

OEMs Claim to Increase Prices

OEMs Claim to Increase Prices

OEMs Claim to Increase PriceCanon and Ricoh have made announcements to increase prices for printers and consumables in China.

Greatly affected by the reduced raw material production as well as ever-increasing raw material costs, the OEMs claim that they have to take this measure to ensure stable supply to the market.

It is said that Canon will increase its NPG-67 toner economic package price by 3% from April 1, 2022, while increasing the NPG-67 toner standard package price by 2%. In the meantime, Canon also adjusted the sales model for NPG-67 toner series, excluding the economic package from the consumable contract.

Also from April 1, 2022, Ricoh claims that billing prices for digital multifunction printers, printers, digital press, including printers, consumables and components, will increase by 2%-10%. Products that had been adjusted previously on January 1 are not included.

Previously, RT reported that prices on third-party printing consumables have risen in China because of numerous factors impacting manufacturers and suppliers.

Raw materials, components and finished goods have all been impacted by a ripple of costs from various sources.

Chinese cartridge manufacturers making announcements to inform about price increases. Some compatible toner cartridges, such as CF400/500 cartridges for HP devices have seen prices increase by 5 RMB, or US$0.78. Others have announced price increases for Brother replacement cartridges of 2 RMB, or US$0.31. Other aftermarket manufacturers have increased prices for multiple products for different OEM brands.



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