Canon Cited with Climate A-Rating

Canon Cited with Climate A-Rating

Canon Cited with Climate A-Rating

Canon Cited with Climate A-RatingCanon Inc. has been lauded for its exemplary efforts in combating climate change. The global-leading imaging solutions provider announced on its website that it has been awarded the A-rating for its transparency and leadership in climate change initiatives.

The U.K.-based non-profit organization CDP, known for its rigorous evaluation of major corporations and local governments worldwide, assesses entities based on their disclosed information regarding environmental concerns such as climate change and water resource management. In 2023, over 24,000 organizations participated in the CDP questionnaire, indicating a growing global interest in environmental accountability. This marks Canon’s third inclusion in the A-List for climate change, having previously achieved this distinction in 2016 and 2020.

Driven by its corporate philosophy of kyosei, Canon is committed to fostering a symbiotic relationship between lifestyle enhancement and environmental preservation. The company actively engages in environmental conservation across four key areas: Climate Change, Resource Efficiency, Chemical Substances, and Biodiversity. Aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative, Canon aims to slash absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42% and absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions by 25% by 2030, using 2022 as a baseline.

Since 2008, Canon has set a target of achieving an annual 3% improvement in the index of lifecycle CO2 emissions per product unit. The company has achieved a notable 44.4% improvement at an average annual rate of 3.95% from 2008 to 2023. Looking ahead, Canon is dedicated to achieving net-zero lifecycle CO2 emissions per product unit (Scope 1-3) by 2050 through adopting renewable energy, energy-saving measures at production facilities, and enhanced product reuse and recycling strategies.

With a commitment to technological innovation and operational efficiency, Canon vows to continue its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable society.


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