Canon’s Maxify inkjet printer range for SMBs

Canon Receives Award for Serverless Printing Technology

Canon Receives Award for Serverless Printing Technology

In the 2023 Kanto Regional Invention Award Event, Canon Marketing Japan Inc. won the Invention Motivation Award for its serverless printing technology for multiple printers.


  • Overview of the Serverless Printing Technology

The serverless printing technology was developed by Canon’s subsidiary IT Solutions Inc. It revolutionizes printing capabilities within office environments by eliminating the need for servers.

This innovative solution has been successfully integrated into the function update package for Canon printers, known as Serverless Anyplace Print for MEAP Advance. MEAP, which stands for Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform, enables users to incorporate additional functions into their Canon printers by installing corresponding apps.

By using this technology, users can initiate printing commands and store data in the central MFP. Afterwards, other members within the same group can conveniently access the MFP to execute their intended print jobs. This application not only enhances accessibility and network security but also maximizes efficiency and reduces unnecessary printing.

Serverless Printing Technology Diagram


  • About the Regional Invention Award Event

The Regional Invention Award Event is held annually in eight different regions throughout Japan. Its primary target is to recognize individuals who have made profound contributions to the advancement of local industries through innovation.

Its organizer, Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, has emphasized the significance of technologies and the innovative potential of the next generation since its establishment. In addition to the Regional Invention Award, the institute has established various other awards to inspire and foster innovation.


Still, Canon remains committed to continuously improving the performance of office devices and promises to proceed with the development of new solutions for issues the industry and society are currently encountering.



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