Another Printer Giant Enters 3D

Another Printer Giant Enters 3D

Following HP and other inkjet and laser printer OEMs, technology leader Canon will now enter the 3D printing market, with an entirely new 3D printer designed from the ground up, at Canon.

Like HP, Canon says cheaper and faster 3D printing is a core part of their strategy.

Industry analysts SmarTech predict Canon and HP will dip their toes in rapid prototyping, but will shift their focus to high volume manufacturing eventually. Many users already see significant cost and time reductions in manufacturing by utilising 3D printing, and in some cases, the design of the product means there is no alternative way to get it manufactured other than via 3D printing.” reports Canon and HP most likely will have to develop widespread material technologies in their chosen medium of resins and powders.

SmarTech believes the two companies’ entry and development in the 3D printing market will continue to inspire innovation to the polymer markets.


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