Konica Minolta to Discontinue Muratec Brand

Konica Minolta to Discontinue Muratec Brand

Konica Minolta to Discontinue Muratec Brand

Konica Minolta to Discontinue Muratec BrandKonica Minolta will transition the Muratec America (Muratec) brand this year, according to the contract.

Konica Minolta acquired Muratec in 2017. As agreed, the OEM will use the Muratec brand for five years.

Muratec is a leading supplier of multifunction (MFP) solutions and a provider of managed document and cloud services in North America.

Konica Minolta claims that the move will also serve to take advantage of operational efficiencies from streamlining Konica Minolta’s product lines. While the Muratec brand will be officially discontinued, all remaining Muratec branded inventories will be sold until depleted.

“When we acquired Muratec, the intention was always to make them part of the company and after five years retire the brand, rather than maintaining two separate product lines,” said Sam Errigo, COO, Konica Minolta. “That time has come, and as we review our business and the projected efficiencies to be realized, we believe this move will have a significant and positive impact on our bottom line.”

Konica Minolta is committed to continuing to deliver the high-quality sales and maintenance business Muratec has provided since its acquisition and will fully support its dealers and their customers during the transition. In the coming days, Konica Minolta will be contacting all Muratec dealers regarding next steps based on location, market needs and dealer representation.



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