Price Increases Prevail on Finished Products

Price Increases Prevail on Finished Products

Price Increases Prevail on Finished Products

Price Increases Prevail on Finished ProductsPrices on third-party printing consumables have risen in China because of numerous factors impacting manufacturers and suppliers.

Raw materials, components and finished goods have all been impacted by a ripple of costs from various sources.

During the past two weeks, RT noticed Chinese cartridge manufacturers making announcements to inform about price increases. Some compatible toner cartridges, such as CF400/500 cartridges for HP devices have seen prices increase by 5 RMB, or US$0.78. Others have announced price increases for Brother replacement cartridges of 2 RMB, or US$0.31. Other aftermarket manufacturers have increased prices for multiple products for different OEM brands.

Raw material prices have continued to increase during the outbreak of the pandemic due to the imbalance and disruption in supply and demand. Shipping restrictions have also contributed to the costs. Under such circumstances, developing rollers, toners, OPCs and powder feeding rollers have all been impacted by price increases.

With raw material costs rising in such a short time, cartridge manufacturers have faced increased pressure to maintain sustainable and efficient operations in the midst of a fiercely competitive market. “In order to maintain quality and service standards under these prevailing price increase pressures, we have had to increase our prices too,” one cartridge manufacturer told RT Media.

From an economic standpoint, increased prices tend to drive down customer demand. In a manufacturing market where optimum production is necessary to keep down the cost of unit prices, these recent price hikes have become a dilemma for manufacturers.

Never has there been a more crucial time than now to consider supply chain management. The management of costs and the control of mounting stock in warehouses is the new reality for all manufacturers. The search for more revenue to absorb price increases has become impossible for most. Manufacturers are having to find their own solutions.



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