Certification Gives DeLace Access to Government Buyers

Certification Gives DeLace Access to Government Buyers

Certification Gives DeLace Access to Government Buyers

SITA certification has been granted to Delace Pty Ltd to sell aftermarket imaging supplies to government agencies and departments in South Africa.

Certification Gives DeLace Access to Government Buyers

The certification is for the supply of non-OEM products for use in Brother and HP printers.

Coenie Greyling and Stuart Lacey (pictured) are all smiles with the opportunity this provides for them and Delace. “As a supplier of quality, guaranteed product, this allows government agencies and departments to purchase a non-OEM product with obvious savings,” Lacey said.

In order to obtain the certification, Greyling and Lacey had to supply printers and cartridges to be tested. Certification is provided for compatible cartridges. Other certifications have been issued for remanufactured products as well.

“While STMC is a requirement for certification, additional standards are being planned with the collaboration of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) with a view to strengthening local opportunities,” said Greyling.

The DeLace brand has become a strong brand in a very short time in South Africa. The company is highly respected by its regional partners as well as private enterprises in the country based on solid years of work done by Lacey and Greyling over three decades.

In addition to providing quality supplies sourced from the best manufacturers and suppliers, DeLace is also registered with the government as the OEM.  “This has triggered a request by the government to sit with us and understand how to remanufacturing/re-furbishing all government office consumables,” Lacey added. “Who would have believed this could ever happen in South Africa?”



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