Ninestar Wins Lawsuit Against Zhuhai Zhengyin

Ninestar Corporation today announced a victory in a patent dispute against Zhuhai Zhengyin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd in the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, concerning ink cartridges sold for use in various models of HP ink-jet printers.

In June 2018, Ninestar sued Zhengyin for infringement of Ninestar ‘s China patent ZL201220712945.2 based on Zhengyin’ s sales of infringing cartridges, which can replace the OEM cartridge models HP 950XL, HP 951XL, HP 711XL, HP 932XL and HP933XL. A trial was held in August 2018, during which Ninestar alleging that the defendant infringed several claims of the asserted patent with respect to the manufacture, sale and offer for sale of the accused products.

Last month, the Court issued a written Judgment that adjudicates Zhengyin tort fact holds water. According to the judge’s decision, Zhengyin has to pay an undisclosed amount in damages to Ninestar and execut the Judgment, which prohibits Zhengyin from making, selling and offering for sale the cartridges that Ninestar accused of infringement.

Focuse on technical innovation and development, Ninestar always respects the intellectual property of any others and expects others to respect Ninestar’s intellectual property as well. In the future, Ninestar will step up efforts to protect its own intellectual property rights.

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