SupplyMe Supplies What You Need

To better represent its business, Inkworks has rebranded itself as SupplyMe.

According to, the New Zealand-based company was founded in 2004, providing inks, toners, printers and supplies at competitive prices with speed and good service. With 12 years development, it now includes a huge range of stationery supplies into its offering, through its sister brand-Stationeryworks.

The new brand comes with a new tagline–What You Need When You Need It. In addition to the extensive range of office products and printing supplies, the company also offers printer servicing and support over the phone or online via a chat service, as well as mobile technicians. The company takes pride in its ability to find discounted and hard-to-find products. It now has more than 18,000 clients in New Zealand, ranging from large corporate businesses, small to medium businesses, schools, organizations and families.

It is said that the company has three distribution centers, located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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