Powder Recycling Transforms Waste Toner into Flooring

Powder Recycling LLC (Rockford, MI) has developed a process that transforms waste toner powder into a commercial flooring material. Angus Carnie, inventor of this technology, has been working on the process for three years. He says the converted waste toner applies to numerous commercial flooring applications including: factories, shops, office reception areas, sports stadia and supermarkets. “Besides,” says Carnie, “the flooring can be manufactured in any color, is extremely hard-wearing, and the process will work every time in every country around the world.”

Two reasons drove his efforts to find a solution to waste toner disposal. One, is environmental authorities worldwide are becoming stricter regarding trashing this waste material. The other, is corporate buyers of printer cartridges are asking for complete and detailed audit trails and a zero landfill disposal policy.

During his R&D efforts, Carnie had to overcome three problems: First, every type of waste toner had to be tested as toner can be manufactured in various ways. Second, he had to find a solution which would work equally well for both small and extremely large producers.Third, it was also important to find a method that would secure producers an income from selling the powder.

Having solved these problems, Carnie says, the powder can easily be sold with assurance of a high and steady demand.

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