Andrew Carroll: Serial Inkjet Market in Latin America to Grow

Andrew Carroll, Senior Consultant of InfoTrends, predicted serial inkjet market in Latin America would grow in next three years.

At Conference @2013, held on October 16 by Recycling Times Media Corporation, Andrew Carroll made a speech via Skype, covering global serial inkjet market, office & production market, OEM vs aftermarket and business inkjet. When he talked about global serial inkjet market from Year 2014 to 2016, he forecasted the number of serial inkjet devices installed in US and West Europe market would decline, and the numbers in Asia Pacific and Central & Eastern Europe would see flat, while the Latin America market would exceptionally grow. Moreover, he stated the print volume of serial inkjet devices in this market would also increase.

Carroll said Inkjet inks have a simpler engine, can print up to 100 pages per minute, and a larger range of media for printing on, as being advantages for inkjet printing.

InfoTrends have also shown videos of faster, more economical business inkjet printers and found it changed many perceptions. Also, between 69 and 83 percent of those surveyed in different geographical regions, said they were more favorable towards inkjet.

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