Another Firmware Issue from OEM

Some users found Epson’s printers kept shutting down and restarting due to firmware updates and connection to Google Cloud Printing likely.

According to The Register, users claimed that the issue occurs following the firmware update of the printers. Currently, the issue has been found in Epson printers including Epson WF‑3520, WF-4630, XP-215, XP-415, XP-610, WF-545, WF-845, and WF-7610. quoted a solution Epson offered to a user reaching out to the OEM for support. The site suggested to disconnect the printers from the network, reboot and reconnect again but avoid to connect to Google Cloud services.

Epson told The Register that they were informed of the situation, “We believe this is related to Google Cloud printing, however the Epson support team is assessing further. In the meantime, we are currently taking customers impacted through a temporary workaround to address the issue and we are working on a permanent fix.”

However, a recent post on the showed that the problem exists within a firmware issue on Epson’s end. “We are working with Epson and internal Google teams to root cause this issue,” said Brian Blietz, Google employee from Chromebook Central Help Forum, “We will update as we know more.”

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