Ninestar Continues to Perfect Patented Solution for Brother Toners

Ninestar Continues to Perfect Patented Solution for Brother Toners

As an IP leader in the printing consumables industry, Ninestar has developed novel and innovative technologies over 20 years to provide end-users with the best printing experience while remaining competitive and profitable.

Brother rolled out its HL-L3210CW series of printers to the SOHO market back in October 2018. This was quickly followed by Ninestar which released its own patented cartridge solution one month later in November 2018. Ninestar has continued to review its Brother-related patents through to the present day.

On January 6, 2023, Ninestar was pleased to learn it has been granted approval by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to sell its redesigned Brother TN-223 and TN-227 toner cartridges in the United States. The U.S. Customs process had endorsed the Ninestar strategy to innovatively develop, patent, and produce products that respect the intellectual property of Brother. The same cartridge products are the redesigned Brother TN-243 and TN-247 toner cartridges in Europe.

As a result of the continual updating process, Ninestar has updated its portfolio to a newer patented version—to suit the Brother TN-223/227/243/247 series of toner cartridges, which is more secure and also offers better performance.

Ninestar Continues to Perfect Patented Solution for Brother Toners

  • Safe and well-engineered: innovative patent technology safeguards your listings on Amazon
  • High compatibility: suits every climate in every region around the globe
  • Colorful and vivid printouts from the beginning to the last page
  • More cost-effective: comply with ISO-24712, high productivity, and lower cost per page.

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