G&G to Showcase New Plans, Trends & Products

G&G to Showcase New Plans, Trends & Products

G&G to Showcase New Plans, Trends & Products

G&G claims it will hold an online distributor conference themed “See it, believe it”. The event will be held on March 15, 2023, at 8:30 AM GMT, and will be replayed later in the day at 4:30 PM, GMT.

G&G to Showcase New Plans, Trends & Products

One key topic at the conference will be the G&G plans for 2023. This will include the company’s targets and strategy presented by Linda Fan, Senior Vice General Manager of Ninestar Image. This information will help distributors better understand where the company is headed and how they can align their own efforts with G&G’s goals to achieve mutual success.

Another topic to be covered is forecasting the trends in key markets in 2023. Andy Slawetsky, President at Industry Analysts will share valuable insights into the future of the printer consumables industry. This will help G&G’s global distributors and partners make informed decisions about their business strategies and product offerings.

Many attendees will want to know more about the support they can expect from G&G. Adam Miao, the Global Branding Director of Ninestar lmage, will do a deep dive to reveal how G&G can and will empower its partners.

G&G product success stories and case studies from different regions will also allow partners to learn from real-world examples how others overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

For the full list of topics and registration, please click here. G&G says it will give away Apple Watches, Air pods, Samsonite back packs and Amazon gift cards to 11 lucky attendees.

“G&G promises the conference will provide a great opportunity for its partners to keep informed about the company’s plans for 2023 as well as the latest industry trends. All partners will be better equipped to serve their customers and grow their businesses. A win for distributors and partners and a win for G&G as well,” said the spokesperson of G&G.



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