Van Klaveren Nominated for Green Top 100 Award

Van Klaveren ccc B.V., an international collector of empty cartridges and used mobile phones, has been nominated for the Green Top 100 award for it’s outstanding Eeko©.collection program.

On June 15, Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf announced that Van Klaveren ccc B.V. was nominated for the Green Top 100. Managing Director Gerhard van Klaveren says, “We are very happy and proud. We are now among the 25 best. The final result will come out on June 26.”

Presentation of the Green Top 100 companies is an initiative of The Green Telegraaf. The purpose of the award is to draw attention to companies that have succeeded in embedding sustainability into a successful business.

Gerhard van Klaveren says, “Empty cartridges and used mobile phones are often thrown away or ignored in a drawer at home or in the office. Almost everyone at home or at the office has an empty cartridge or a used mobile phone and that’s a waste! The 17 partner charities of Eeko® can pay a nice fee for this. But besides this I think it is very important that we all think of the relation between the waste and environmental sustainability.”

Van Klaveren added, “In 2012, over 3.4 million cartridges and about 180,000 mobile phones were collected by our Eeko© collection program.”

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