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More Join to Celebrate Reman Day

More Join to Celebrate Reman Day

RT wrapped up this year’s Reman Day celebration on April 13 (China time) with the release of a video, which was made from various video clips provided by international cartridge remanufacturers. Due to time limitations, some expressed regrets for not being able to participate in the celebration. However, one company sees it as better late than never.

Sushil Kumar Agarwal, the owner of Itek Solutions, sent in a video clip to deliver his message to celebrate Reman Day with the industry.

“I have been refilling toner cartridges for the past 22 years. This is the HP toner cartridge I have been remanufacturing more than 72 times, maintaining the quality and output similar to OEM,” said Sushil in the video.

Last year, the India-based cartridge remanufacturer used Global Reman Day to reveal one of his customers has had the same HP cartridge remanufactured 72 times.

According to Sushil Kumar Agarwal—who established his Itek Solutions business in Kolkata 21 years ago—the 88A cartridge belonging to one of his loyal customers was first remanufactured on December 14, 2011.

“I have complete transparency with my customers. They get their own cartridge back and they can see how many times that cartridge has been remanufactured,” said Agarwal.

Agarwal said he has refilled the same, single toner cartridge and it “continues to run 100% successfully without any defects” with the expectation it will be remanufactured many more times in the next few years.



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  1. Sneha
    Sneha says:

    Itek Solutions has never failed their words. Super happy that they are getting world recognition. They deserve it!

  2. Rishabh Saraf
    Rishabh Saraf says:

    Getting all my printer related work done from Itek Solutions. They don’t fail to impress everytime I connect with them for any requirement.
    My cartridge is running successfully since 2015 due to the quality service of Itek Solutions and expecting it to continue the same.
    Highly recommended, trusted company and probably the best in industry.

  3. Vikram
    Vikram says:

    Itek solutions deserves this recognition as their work is absolutely genuine!! Their work must be recognised all over the world and mass awareness should be created about this marvellous work being done by them

  4. Mahesh Mundhra
    Mahesh Mundhra says:

    Superb sushil, you are really doing a great job for environment and saving lot of carbon.
    Keep the good work going .


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