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New Record Set for Cartridge Remanufacturing

New Record Set for Cartridge RemanufacturingNew Record Set for Cartridge Remanufacturing

A cartridge remanufacturer in India used International Reman Day on April 14 to reveal one of his customers has had the same HP cartridge remanufactured 72 times.

According to Sushil Kumar Agarwal (pictured)—who established his Itek Solutions business in Kolkata 21 years ago—the 88A cartridge belonging to one of his loyal customers was first remanufactured on December 14, 2011.

“I have complete transparency with my customers. They get their own cartridge back and they can see how many times that cartridge has been remanufactured,” said Agarwal.

Agarwal said he has refilled the same, single toner cartridge and it “continues to run 100% successfully without any defects” with the expectation it will be remanufactured many more times in the next few years.

Agar reveals in this short video clip how he knows how many times the cartridge has been remanufactured:

The cartridge has saved the end-user the cost of purchasing 71 brand new printer cartridges, but more importantly, it has saved 71 empties from being dumped and creating an environmental nightmare.

It is not a one-off case either, as Agarwal remanufactures every toner cartridge he received from his customers, scores of times. “Inkjet cartridges are also refilled at least 30 times each as well,” he added.

Agarwal has established automated processes at his factory to ensure the quality of the remanufactured products. He said his remanufactured and refilled cartridges do not leak and the quality and yield are equal to that of the OEM.

“I was inspired by my hobby of aeromodelling,” explained Agarwal. “An aeroplane can only fly with 100% perfection. A minor error will not allow it to fly. It is the same with printer cartridges. Twenty years ago, I resolved I would rebuild printer cartridges to be as good as the original so that customers could continue to enjoy a good printing experience.”

He is thankful for the gift of his childhood hobby that taught him the principles of quality of perfection in refilling and remanufacturing. I have taken it upon myself to understand the working function of each component of a cartridge. I designed my own remanufacturing and refilling procedures and techniques. I have never cheated any customer by underfilling their cartridges.”

Agarwal’s reputation has become well respected in Kolkata. Celebrity radio jockey Jimmy Tangree from Friends FM 91.9 is one of his loyal customers and proof of his sought after remanufactured cartridge services.



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  1. Sneha
    Sneha says:

    Mr Agarwal is surely our saviour. His work is commendable. Best printer experience recieved from his company. Congratulations sir and more power to you.

  2. Nitu Agarwal
    Nitu Agarwal says:

    72 times refilling of the same cartridge is really unbelievable n commendable achievement Sushil Agarwal.. Congratulations.. U deserve to be in the Guinness book of world record

  3. Aditya
    Aditya says:

    Incredible achievement … New era of refilling cartridge leading to saving of lots of money and ensuring sustainable environment

  4. Pankaj Shah
    Pankaj Shah says:

    Kongrats Mr Sushil and Team Itek for your refilling Services with environment considerations. Wish you accelerated successes in all your endeavours..

    Pankaj Shah
    TechnoPlus Systems


    It’s great.
    Thousands of people are benefitted.
    My best wishes for you in future.
    Keep going.

  6. Maneesh Kasera
    Maneesh Kasera says:

    This is a remarkable achievement. The amount of garbage saved by Sushil Agarwal over the years must be in tonnes. Kudos!!!

  7. Dipa Jhunjhunwala
    Dipa Jhunjhunwala says:

    This is a very remarkable achievement sushil, as we need more and more ideas towards sustainability and greener earth.
    Hoping you will proudly enter the Guinness Book and inspire many more.

  8. Sonam Agarwal
    Sonam Agarwal says:

    Congratulations bhaiya….. You work hard and get success in your life… All the best for your new venture

  9. Pooja Kakarania
    Pooja Kakarania says:

    We had a great experience with Mr. Sushil.
    Thanks to his transparency and ethics that we have been able to save on our printing cost.

  10. Rinku Agarwal
    Rinku Agarwal says:

    Great Green Initiative! Congratulations on achieving this milestone and best wishes for your future endeavors.

  11. K chamria
    K chamria says:

    Congratulations!! Sushil. Commendable effort!! Never heard of refilling of cartridges more than 5-7 times… .. Leave alone 72 times.

  12. Kshitij
    Kshitij says:

    Congratulations Sushil. Guiness Books must have your name in it. Such a wonderful achievement. More power to you.

  13. S
    S says:

    Great achievement! Never thought that this can could be possible. Totally a wonderful record sir. @Guiness Books should definitely feature you!

  14. Pankaj Agarwal
    Pankaj Agarwal says:

    Sushil has always been special in innovation , from his hobby of flying aero models to passion of instrumental music and professional solution to re manufacturing cartridges , which makes him outstanding , he deserves a special mention for his deeds

  15. Dinesh Saraogi
    Dinesh Saraogi says:

    Still remember the counting machine you made in class VIII. You have always been innovative and creative. Keep going Sushil bhai.

  16. Vikram
    Vikram says:

    Heartiest congratulations Sushilji.. my cartridge has already been refilled 60 time and still going strong!! It is indeed very commendable!! Great job being done by you and really proud to be your customer for so many years !!

    • Sushil lumar agarwal
      Sushil lumar agarwal says:

      Thank you Vikram ji for. Trusting me and giving me an opportunity to provide you my services.

      Your co operation and trust helped me. To achieve this milestone. ??

      I always pray to get myself blessed with cuatomer and a wellwisher like you.

  17. Manish Agrawal
    Manish Agrawal says:

    Sushil you achivment is just incredible your initiative will not only help billions of people to save huge money but also help in reducing carbon emission this will be good for environment. Keep up the good work.. wish you all the very best

  18. Karunesh Ranjan Singh
    Karunesh Ranjan Singh says:

    Sushil Agarwal is surely our saviour. His work is commendable. Best printer experience recieved from his company. Congratulations and more power to you. Sushil has always been special in innovation , from his hobby of flying aero models to passion of instrumental music and professional solution to re manufacturing cartridges , which makes him outstanding , he deserves a special mention for his deeds.

  19. Jimmy Tangree
    Jimmy Tangree says:

    You have always been amazing an innovative at your work and have always provided the highest quality ..Kudos to you and congratulations

  20. Ravi jhajharia
    Ravi jhajharia says:

    Amazing results ,i m getting .
    Not only the number of pages but the quality is also superb
    My cartidge is being refilled since 2004.
    I m feeling content .

    Thanks a lot s k ji

  21. Dhiraj Lall
    Dhiraj Lall says:

    Great achievement Sushil,,,keep up the hard work,,you certainly deserve the place in Guinness record,,best of luck for your future,,keep achieving great heights

  22. Alok Kumar Beniramka
    Alok Kumar Beniramka says:

    Great achievement Sushil.
    You have always been a passionate man towords your hobby and now towords your work.
    Wish you more success

  23. Kanhaiya Chomal
    Kanhaiya Chomal says:

    Heartiest Congratulations dear Sushil. Your dedication, hardwork & innovative ideas helped you to achieve this milestone. Many more to come my friend. Way to go ?

  24. Bihari Lal Goenka
    Bihari Lal Goenka says:

    This is simply great and real good work toward wealth from waste. Excellent work to protect the environment as well
    Please continue the good work. All the best to You.
    You deserve world wide appreciation for great work


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