LVL to Expand Facility in France

To meet potential business opportunities, France-based aftermarket cartridge collector and supplier LVL has announced it is expanding its warehouse and workshop operations. The new facility, just 1 kilometer away from its current site in La Chevroliére, comprises an area of 2,306 square meters, 67% larger than its current complex.

Construction started in May 2013 and the company expects to move in early in 2014. As was claimed by the company, the building will be environmentally friendly, meeting French ICPE (Installation classée pour la protection de l’Environnement) standards.

According to Philippe Guenin, CEO of LVL, the new facility will enable LVL to sort over six million cartridges every year which will more than double its current capacity.

Guenin said, “Despite the difficult time encountered by our industry lately, LVL management is convinced that there is a growth potential in collecting and supplying quality empties to the remanufacturing industry. He also expressed that LVL aims to be a specialized company for collecting and sorting to provide remanufacturers with quality supplies, which they believe will create growth opportunities for their business.”

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