HP Accuses LD Products for New-Built Reman

HP filed complaint against an online printer consumables reseller, LD Products as it falsely advertises new built third-party inkjet and toner cartridges as remanufactured.

HP alleges that LD Products advertised and sold new-built HP compatible inkjet and toner cartridges manufactured by an unnamed third-party as remanufactured.  As stated by HP, it sent LD Products a cease-and-desist letter in February 2011 requesting the firm cease mislabeling clones as remanufactured, but LD Products has continued and accelerated related activities instead.

And now HP is seeking an order, one declaring that LD’s marketing and advertising regarding HP remanufactured cartridges which are actually clones is false and misleading. Meanwhile, it is expecting a primary and permanent injunction banning LD’s marketing, advertising and selling clones as remanufactured.

HP maintains that misrepresenting cloned cartridges as remanufactured harms customers and HP but also remanufacturers. It holds that the market impact of LD’s false, misleading, and deceptive practices will accelerate the dry-up in the market for mid-priced remanufactured cartridges.

LD Products, based out of Long Beach, CA, operates the 123inkjets.com, 4inkjets.com, inkcartridges.com, ldproducts.com, and simplyink.com websites and sells its products on Amazon and other online markets.

According to Actionable Intelligence, LD Products offers products from six to eight different non-OEM cartridge manufacturers. HP’s complaint does not specify which of these manufacturers made the new-built cartridges that LD Products allegedly sold as remanufactured. And this lawsuit centers on false advertising, it does not appear that HP is going after the cartridge manufacturer.

Not having filed its official reply to the complaint, Aaron Leon, founder and CEO of LD Products gave out a statement saying that they have always had different packaging for remans and new compatibles. The mistake was with how the cartridges were listed on their websites. LD always tries to be clear with its product offering. Their long catalog of over 6,000 products seems overwhelming and lead to catalog error. He said that LD always correct the errors timely after they were found. Meanwhile, Aaron Leon expresses his hope to work out an amicable solution with HP soon.

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