InkTec to Discontinue Some Ink Jet Inks

InkTec, a South Korea-based ink jet ink maker, announced it will stop producing some compatible inks due to low demand. Founded in 1992, the company has been a consistent producer of aftermarket inks for printers. However, with changes in printers worldwide, InkTec has made a couple of adjustments to its business operations.

The inks scheduled for discontinuance include: HU 1000-100MB, the HU 1000-01LB and the HU1000-20LB, which are designed for HP and Brother Cartridges. InkTec explains that the printers are outdated and buying demand has declined considerably. InkTec will continue to supply those inks until April 2013.

According to Rick Kim from InkTec, “We will stop producing some compatible inks for out-of-date desktop printers due to low demand. InkTec still put a lot of effort to develop new inks and is producing and supplying over several hundred ink for the desktop printers. As for the LFP products, we keep producing wide range of ink and consumables for large format printing industry. ”

Editor: Recycling Times has wrongly reported that InkTec has stopped the production of large format printing consumables in the Issue 37 Recycling Times magazine. We apologize for the confusion we’ve caused for InkTec and its customers. As a leading media company in the industry, we strike to be accurate and correct in what we publish. Please send us your company press release, we are honored to be your media partner.

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