Products Price Soar to Cover Raw Material Costs

A Belgian manufacturer of printing inks, digital printing presses, consumables and colorants has risen prices of its various products.

According to Flint Group, its raw material cost has experienced a long time inflation. The Packaging, Narrow Web and Sheetfed division of the company has decided to increase the price of its products 4%-7%. The price rise will take place in April.

Flint Group discloses that the worsening of the security of ink-related raw material supply has also sped up the general price hike. The company announced the products’ price increase back in February.

Doug Aldred, president of the Packaging, Narrow Web & Sheetfed division of Flint Group stated, “Flint Group is working tirelessly to mitigate the costs of these dramatic increases in raw materials being passed to our valued customers by investigating alternative sources of supply and committing capital to efficiency projects. However, in such volatile conditions the Group has no option but to review the sustainability of current pricing models and adjust accordingly.”

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