Mapping APP to Deliver MPS

CIG has released a new type of tablet app of Managed Print Services (MPS).

According to CIG, the new app is developed for the company’s Axess MPS. Axess MPS has integrated a comprehensive series of software and services to help dealers produce higher profitable MPS solutions. This app can both enhance and support the Axess MPS dealers on offering mobile mapping abilities and customized marketing materials, etc.

With the new app, MPS dealers can map potential environments on their tablets for customers. They can also upload floor plans, devices and place devices in current and proposed states. The new app can provide on-the-go access to vertical market videos, presentations, customized marketing materials, how-to guides, and security documents as well.

CIG reveals that the new app is now available in the app stores, and customers can download it from both Apple iPads and Android tablets.

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