Europe Reports Record Growth in Paper Recycling

According to the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC), the paper recycling rate in Europe in 2012 has hit 71.7%.

The council stated that in 2012 paper consumption in Europe declined 13%, down to the 1998 levels. However, the amount of recycled paper in 2012 was 1.5 times higher than that of 1998.

Also, paper fibers are recycled in Europe 3.5 times a year compared to the global average of 2.4 times, the statement said. Moreover, the number of European countries with a recycling rate below 60% has decreased, while there are 13 established countries where paper recycling rates exceed 70%.

“The figures in the report prove that paper recycling is truly an industry made in Europe,” said Jori Ringman-Beck, Secretary of ERPC.

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