Laser Printer Used to Create Computer Graphics

A woman employee whose main job is creating graphics by computers has made possible to print abstract images on handmade paper through a laser printer.

As reported by, Marsha Cottrell’s works are not as exact as the graphs produced on computers. Instead, they are similar to freehand drawings, or blurry film photography.

Her work perfectly blends high and low-tech. She said, “I’m interested in the idea of virtual space and screen space, but ultimately making it a tangible object.”

Cottrell started using office supplies in her works since the late 1990s while she was working in the production departments of different magazines.

In her early work, she used computer programs to narrow typographic forms until they looked like smudged fingerprints.

At present, most of her works contain multiple layered toner on handmade Japanese paper stock.

Cottrell elaborates each layer at subtly different intervals and tonalities before she gets the desired layering effect. She compares her technique to a painter’s painting skills of shifting between active and passive brush strokes.

Her latest works are grayscale prints filled with geometries and have been exhibited at the Anthony Meier Gallery in San Francisco.

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