G&G Calls Attention to Its Photo Paper 

G&G Calls Attention to Its Photo Paper 

G&G Photo Paper Transfers Dreams into RealityG&G claims that its photo paper is ideal for those wanting to print out their memories with a brilliant printing experience.

According to G&G, some features about G&G photo paper include:

  • High-Glossy, Brilliant Outputs with Smooth Surface

The Nano high-gloss coatings on the surface of the paper produce bright photos, making memories shiny and touchable.

  • Waterproof, Durable

The good anti-moisture, fade-resistant performance of the coatings ensures the paper is well-protected and stored for generations.

  • Excellent Printing Experience Equivalent to OEM

Delivers vibrant colors and superior photo quality that surpass end-users expectations.

  • Great for every printer

G&G photo paper produces magnificent results with different printer brands and inks making it truly universal.

  • Friendly to the forest

G&G photo paper is made with fiber from responsibly managed forest farms without compromising the health of the world’s native forests for future generations.


Product list:

G&G claims that its photo paper is now available in a range of categories including high glossy inkjet photo paper, ultra-premium glossy inkjet photo paper, sticky-back high glossy inkjet photo paper, and transfer paper.

For more information about G&G photo paper, please contact info@ggimage.com.



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