What Partners Say about the HP Firmware Update Issue

HP’s partners are giving a different view on the recent firmware update issue.

According to CRN, partners of HP Inc. hold the opinion that Aftermarket cartridges are breaking HP printers.

Bob Venero, CEO of Holbrook, N.Y.-based solution provider Future Tech, a top HP Inc. partner, said, “This is not a freedom of choice issue. It is a quality issue. We see remanufactured cartridges where toner is leaking out of the device. The risk is not worth the reward. If I was HP I would stand my ground and do what is right for the business and not allow remanufactured cartridges to be used in HP printers.”

In addition, other partners claim that Aftermarket “clone,” counterfeit and remanufactured cartridges end up jeopardizing security, impacting print quality and ultimately cost customers more in the long run. What is worse, they claim customers are usually led to blame HP for the printer problems.

Venero, an HP managed print services partner, said, “My services’ costs go up exponentially on devices that use remanufactured toner.”

“HP has invested billions and billions of dollars in R&D in creating the number one printer offering in the market,” said Venero. “Giving a third-party, non-certified toner cartridge maker the ability to impact the user experience doesn’t make sense.”

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