Kyocera Rewarded for Corporate Social Responsibility

With its outstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility, Kyocera Document Solutions has been recognized at the 2016 Best Business Awards (BBAs).

Following a strict criteria, 20 independent expert judges selected Kyocera Document Solutions UK as the winner of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Category.

Nigel Allen, Marketing Director at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK said, “KYOCERA’s commercial success is inextricably linked with its ethos of ‘doing the right thing’ as a human being. An integral element of the KYOCERA philosophy is the idea of acting as a responsible corporate citizen within society, so we’re thrilled for this to be officially recognised by the BBAs. This includes preserving the environment and striving for social improvement within the communities in which the corporation operates, building relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders and aiming for sustainable growth.”

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