Robustelli Acquired by Epson

Robustelli Acquired by Epson

Epson has acquired a leading textile printing corporation in Italy—Fratelli Robustelli S.r.l. (Robustelli)—from the Robustelli family.

Both companies agree that synergies and customer values will be further promoted through their long-term cooperation in digital inkjet textile printing.

With this acquisition, Robustelli can impose deeper impression of its digital inkjet textile printers on worldwide customers by utilizing Epson’s manufacturing capabilities. Epson Italia can enlarge its products’ family with the assistance of Robustelli’s expertise in the development of digital inkjet textile printers. In addition, these two companies will jointly utilize R&D efforts to enhance acceleration of digital inkjet textile printers.

The digital textile printing market worldwide is expected to grow at an annual rate of approximately 25%. In addition to using its manufacturing network to meet this growing demand, Epson will deploy its worldwide sales and service network to provide Monna Lisa—a registered trademark of Robustelli—to more countries and regions around the world.

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